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Learning Re-Designed

Across both our Lower School Campus and Upper School Campus, MacLachlan's innovative classroom environments foster a sense of curiosity in its students and inspire them to be active contributors to our ever-changing world. These adaptive and dynamic learning spaces within our private school promote interaction and communication and enable students and teachers to connect existing knowledge to new ideas.
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Better Together

We are proud to offer a co-educational learning environment at MacLachlan. A co-educational learning environment gives students the practice they need to function in our diverse society and prepares them for the wider community of people working together. School is an introduction to the world and during these crucial developmental stages students are growing at a rapid pace, both intellectually, socially and emotionally.

Active Learning

MacLachlan College is committed to creating successful and innovative approaches to learning by promoting and developing skills that transcend the classroom environment. By combining traditional methods of instruction with active learning concepts, MacLachlan students are able to fully participate and engage in their own course work alongside the course work of their peers, thus deepening their intellectual inquiry and critical thinking abilities.

Active learning processes incorporate reading, discussion, debate, problem-solving, evaluation, and analysis. This is accomplished through a variety of methods including, case study exercises, problem-solving and collaborative learning. These methods, incorporated into the living systems approach, encourage each individual student to learn and participate in the way most effective and beneficial to them.

At MacLachlan, the living systems philosophy is ingrained in all aspects of the academic and co-curricular program through the seamless integration of technology and the new innovative classroom furnishings. The Node chairs and Verb systems, developed by Steelcase, allow for flexible spaces that promote and cultivate an environment of open interaction and communication throughout the classroom.

Innovative Technology

MacLachlan uses emerging and leading-edge technology to enhance student learning.

MacLachlan has school-wide connectivity with students utilizing the Office 365 platform including Teams to enhance student-teacher collaboration. All students in Grade 1 to Grade 5 are provided a school issued iPad equipped with grade appropriate apps and resources to enhance classroom learning. Students in Grade 6 to Grade 12 bring their own laptops daily and are connected through our multi-platform systems.  Building the digital skillset in our students through meaningful deployment of software and technology, along with our highly-trained teachers make us a leader in innovative collaborative instruction.

Every classroom at MacLachlan is equipped with digital touch displays. This technology fully engages students in a participatory learning process. Classrooms at MacLachlan reflect the professional and business world of today where collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking, flexibility and problem solving are key skills.

Everest Centre

Programs under the Everest Centre are designed to enhance and improve students' unique learning experiences by going above and beyond MacLachlan's core curriculum. Some are incorporated in the school curriculum framework; others may require a more intense application for a specific period of time. 

Everest programs include:
•    Enriched program units for Gifted Students
•    Direct Instruction Modules
•    Academic Coaches
•    Tutoring Services
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Wellness & Emotional Intelligence

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 participate in the “Healthy Minds” Program. The sessions, led by a teacher with a Certificate in Positive Education and trained in the Mindful Schools Curriculum, provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness tools to enhance their social-emotional development. 

Building upon our strong and successful mindfulness program, MacLachlan’s Emotional Intelligence program supports our students in their interactions with others. Our students strive to develop their best selves and augment their academic learning skills by developing important life skills such as self-awareness, self-regulation, perseverance, motivation, resilience, self-esteem, confidence and independence.  

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There are a myriad of ways in which students learn and the deeply committed and innovative faculty members of MacLachlan College subscribe to the heartfelt belief that children learn best in an environment that nurtures each individuals' interests.


We know that to prepare future-ready individuals we must share and instill common values throughout the entire school community and permeate all of our activities with a core set of values.

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