MAC Alumni Network

Come Back to MacLachlan!

No matter where you are, being an active member of the MAC Alumni Network is a great way to stay connected, make new friends and be an ambassador for MacLachlan College.  

We are in search of alumni who wish to contribute to:
    • The Executive
    • The Near and Far Committee
    • The Moves after MacLachlan Committee
    If any of these possibilities intrigue you, kindly get in touch with our Alumni Manager, Rachel O’Hagan, for further details.

    The Executive  

    Hope Hadfield, Class of 2020
    Beginning her educational journey in MacLachlan College's Junior Kindergarten class, Hope Hadfield proudly graduated in 2020, setting her sights on a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. Currently engrossed in a 16-month co-op as a Software Engineer with Red Hat, Hope eagerly anticipates delving further into this professional trajectory post-graduation.

    As the MAC Alumni Network Executive, she eagerly rejoins the MAC community, aiming to nurture a shared sense of camaraderie among its members. 

    The Near and Far Commitee

    Tasked with supervising alumni events—both physical and virtual—this committee ensures vibrant connections within the alumni community.

    The Moves After MAC Commitee

    This dedicated group is focused on amplifying networking prospects and fostering professional advancement for alumni.

    About the MAC Alumni Network

    The mission of the Alumni Committee is to promote and motivate the participation of the alumni and friends of MacLachlan College through effective communication, events, and special initiatives. 

    • Support MacLachlan College ambassadors in the community 
    • Fulfill an advisory role that supports the alumni director in the development of policies and programs which contribute to the achievement of our mission 
      • Promote alumni involvement in the community in a way that supports MacLachlan’s mission and objectives 
      • Promote the schools' services and events such as conferences
      • Work with the alumni director to provide and develop a vision and new ideas for alumni programs that work toward achieving the mission

      Update Your Information in the Alumni Directory

      Ensuring your information is up-to-date helps us maintain strong connections within our MacLachlan College alumni community. Update your profile now to stay connected and engaged with fellow graduates.

      Your latest accomplishments and whereabouts will inspire and empower others. Let's keep the spirit of Maclachlan alive – update your information today!


      We know that to prepare future-ready individuals we must share and instill common values throughout the entire school community and permeate all of our activities with a core set of values.

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