MacLachlan students have a diverse calendar of experiential learning, leadership opportunities, competition, and spirit celebrations. Discover the latest events and initiatives happening in the MacLachlan Community


  • May

    Canadian Scholastic Achievement League

    We are delighted to announce the remarkable success of our Grade 8 students in the prestigious Canadian Scholastic Achievement League. Amidst fierce competition from over 5000 participants across the country, our students displayed exemplary knowledge and dedication, surpassing the national average.

    We extend special congratulations to Dannoo, our school champion!
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  • Grade 8 Science Explores Halton Water & Wastewater Plants

    Our Grade 8 Science students had an eye-opening experience on their trip to the Halton Water & Wastewater Plants!

    They traced the incredible journey of water from Lake Ontario into their drinking water and back through the wastewater treatment process, gaining a firsthand understanding of how our water is cleaned and recycled. The day was made even more special with a picturesque lunch break at Coronation Park, right beside the lake.
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  • Provincial Day of Action on Litter

    Yesterday, our Lower School students took to the streets for a community clean-up for the Provincial Day of Action on Litter!
    They walked around the neighbourhood, picking up litter and making our environment cleaner and greener.
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  • Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

    An enriching day of exploration! Both Grade 6 classes visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, investigating the fascinating forces of flight. 

    Connecting their experience to their Fly Boy novel study, students immersed themselves in aviation history, gaining invaluable insights into the mechanics of flight.
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  • Denim for a Cause: Supporting the Cure Foundation

    Today, our staff and Upper School students are rocking their favorite denim, accompanied by a $5 donation for the Cure Foundation. Together, we're standing in solidarity to support breast cancer patients across Canada, spreading awareness and showing our support.

    We're thrilled to announce that we've raised over $500! Thank you to everyone who participated and donated!
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  • Introducing MacLachlan College's 2024-2025 Student Leadership Council!

    Congratulations to the students from Grades 4 and 5 who have been selected to join MacLachlan College's Lower School Student Leadership Council for the 2024-2025 school year!

    As members of the Student Leadership Council, you'll have the chance to lead by example, fostering positivity and unity within our school community. From guiding school tours to coordinating assemblies, your impact will be felt far and wide. 

    We look forward to witnessing your growth, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication to excellence. 
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  • Congratulations to Matteo: Ontario Provincial Waterpolo Champion!

    Congratulations to Matteo, a student here at MacLachlan College, for his remarkable victory at the Ontario Provincial Waterpolo Championship! 
    Matteo's unwavering dedication with his Toronto team led to an undefeated season throughout 2023-2024. Your dedication is truly inspiring to us all, Matteo.
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  • Duke of Edinburgh Spring Canoe Expedition

    Last week, a group of intrepid MacLachlan College students and staff embarked on a challenging expedition through the breathtaking landscapes of Algonquin Park!

    Guided by one of our students, Jackson, who meticulously planned the route as part of his pursuit of the esteemed gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, our adventurers embarked on a four-day odyssey of hiking, canoeing, and portaging.

    Throughout this immersive experience, participants honed their problem-solving, leadership, and sustainable and traditional wilderness survival skills.
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  • Celebrating Irene and Abby's HOSA Conference Debut!

    A round of applause for Irene from Grade 9 and Abby from Grade 10, who recently made their debut at the HOSA Spring Leadership Conference held at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre!

    These talented students fearlessly took on the challenge, diving into their chosen events of Behavioural Health and Medical Math. It was a first-time experience for both of them, and their enthusiasm and dedication were truly commendable.

    As they navigated through the competition, Irene and Abby showcased not only their knowledge and skills but also their passion for healthcare and leadership. Their participation marks the beginning of what we hope will become a tradition, leading to a school chapter entry next year.

    Events like these not only provide students with opportunities to test their abilities but also foster a sense of community and collaboration. Irene and Abby's journey is a testament to the importance of stepping out of one's comfort zone and embracing new challenges.
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  • Grade 6 Exhibition Highlights

    Our Grade 6 students truly shone bright during their Exhibition! From the captivating opening ceremony to the inspiring Exhibition Fair, every moment was a testament to their hard work and dedication over the past few months.

    Organized and crafted entirely by our incredible Grade 6 students, this exhibition was a celebration of their voices and agency. It marked the culmination of their journey in the IB PYP, showcasing their growth, passion, and impact.
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  • Grade 8 Adventure at Bronte Creek!

    Our Grade 8 students enjoyed a sunny day at Bronte Creek Provincial Park playing disc golf! It's moments like these that remind us of the power of hands-on learning and the beauty of connecting with nature. 
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  • Mother's Day Boutique 2024

    Today was an absolute joy at our Mother's Day Boutique, thanks to the loving efforts of the MacLachlan College Parents' Association. Our students were brimming with excitement as they carefully selected heartfelt gifts, custom cards, and indulged in the fun of having their presents expertly wrapped. And let's not forget the magical moments captured in our special Mother's Day photobooth – memories to warm our hearts for years to come!

    Thank you to all who contributed to making this event a resounding success in celebrating the remarkable mothers in our community. 
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  • PYP Spirit Squad: Making a Difference at the Humane Society

    Yesterday was a heartwarming day as our PYP Spirit Squad, who raised funds for the Humane Society, visited to make their donation and spend time with the animals they've supported. 

    We're incredibly proud of our students for taking the initiative and embodying the Round Square IDEALS through their leadership and service. Together, they've shown compassion, creativity, and a dedication to making the world a better place for all creatures.
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  • Celebrating Our Track Stars!

    Huge congratulations to our outstanding Track and Field athletes for their stellar performances at Etobicoke Centennial Stadium yesterday! Today, as the relay races take center stage, we're sending our best wishes and unwavering support to our talented competitors.
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  • Kindergarten Adventure at Mountsberg Conservation Area

    Our little adventurers from Kindergarten had an enriching day of experiential learning and outdoor education at Mountsberg Conservation Area! 

    From giggles on the bus to wide-eyed wonder at the wildlife, every moment was filled with joy and discovery.
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  • Adventures at Crawford Lake Conservation Area

    Our Grade 5 classes had an enriching experience at Crawford Lake Conservation Area in Milton, delving into the traditions and lifestyle of the Iroquoian people. 

    Through visits to the Longhouse Village, exploration of Indigenous art and artifacts, and engaging interpretive programs, students gained a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture. This hands-on learning adventure perfectly complemented our Indigenous Peoples Unit of Inquiry, fostering empathy, respect, and appreciation for Indigenous perspectives. 
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  • Evan's Top 10 Finish at DECA International Career Development Conference

    Evan has secured a spot in the top 10 at the prestigious DECA International Career Development Conference held in Anaheim, California! Amongst a field of over 10,000 participants, Evan's remarkable dedication and hard work have set him apart.

    Congratulations Evan! Your achievement serves as an inspiration to us all, showcasing the incredible potential within our community.
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  • April

    MacLachlan College PYP Talent Show 2024

    We're happy to share the resounding success of our recent PYP Talent Show at MacLachlan College. The event was nothing short of spectacular, with our remarkable students delivering extraordinary performances that filled the room with vibrant energy and showcased their exceptional talent.

    At MacLachlan, we're more than just a school; we're a tightly-knit community committed to nurturing growth and development in every student. The PYP Talent Show exemplifies our dedication to fostering creativity, confidence, and self-expression among our students.

    Thank you to all who contributed to making the Talent Show a memorable and inspiring experience for everyone involved.
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  • Fostering a Solid Mental Health Routine: The Foundation of Professional Success 

    By Rachel O'Hagan, MacLachlan College Alumni Relations Manager and Yoga Instructor 

    In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a strong mental health routine is not just beneficial; it's essential for sustained professional success. Throughout my conversations with numerous successful alumni, a common theme emerges: the critical role of self-care in their professional journeys. 

    As both the Alumni Relations Manager at MacLachlan College and a certified yoga instructor and Mindful Self-Compassion teacher, I personally integrate these practices into my daily life. This holistic approach helps me perform at my best, whether I'm at work, at home as a mom and caregiver, or simply moving through life as a human being wanting to feel good in all that I do.
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  • MacLachlan's Senior Public Speaking Team Triumphs at Nora McRae Tournament!

    The senior public speaking team of Claudia, Mariam and Hayat had outstanding success this weekend by finishing 3rd overall in the Nora McRae public speaking tournament hosted by Branksome Hall.

    The team showed well in all events: declamation, interpretive reading, after-dinner speaking and impromptu speaking. Amanda, Micah, and Aisha served as judges, and the Branksome organizers were very impressed that we had three capable students willing to judge on a Saturday.

    Way to go MAC!
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  • Exploring Our Senses with Scientists in School

    Our JK students joined Scientist Shannon to unravel the science of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

    From identifying mysterious scents to deciphering different textures, every activity was a lesson in scientific inquiry and discovery. Through hands-on activities, our young students not only learned about the mechanisms of their senses but also developed critical thinking skills as they posed questions and formulated hypotheses. 
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  • Spellbinding Success: Transyl-mania Alchemy Performance

    Last night's Alchemy performance, Transyl-mania, was a resounding success! From impeccable acting to engaging musical arrangements, brilliant lighting, and captivating settings, every element came together flawlessly, showcasing the wonder of the arts in education. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all involved in bringing this production to life.

    Special recognition to Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus for their exceptional script, presented under special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.
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  • University Students for a Day!

    Our Grade 12 Physics and Chemistry students visited the University of Waterloo, and participated in Physics Lab Days, where they delved into a myriad of fascinating topics, from eddy currents to superconducting magnets.

    They had hands-on experiences with plasma balls, explored Einstein's theory of general relativity, and delved into the intricacies of standing waves, extending their understanding of concepts covered in their high school classes.

    Adding to their adventure, the students toured the prestigious Institute for Quantum Computing, gaining valuable insights into groundbreaking research at the forefront of science. Additionally, they engaged in a Quantum Cryptology workshop, where they applied their knowledge to real-world scenarios, preparing them for their final unit of study.

    This incredible experience not only broadened their scientific horizons but also ignited their passion for exploration and discovery. We are immensely proud of our students for embracing this opportunity to deepen their understanding of the sciences and look forward to seeing how they continue to excel in their academic pursuits.
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  • MacLachlan College Spirit Squad's Fundraiser for the Humane Society

    Our amazing Spirit Squad has been hard at work crafting some paws-itively adorable items to raise funds for the Humane Society! We're incredibly proud of our students for taking the initiative and embodying the Round Square IDEALS through their leadership and service.
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  • Grade 1 Financial Adventure at ARTisan Market

    Our Grade 1 students had an enriching day at the Ancaster Old Mill’s ARTisan Market! 

    As part of their 'If I Had a Million Dollars' money unit, they learned about financial literacy, exploring concepts like currency and budgeting. 

    Students were given wallets with a limited amount of money, they budgeted for materials, bought painting supplies, and created beautiful cards. They also learned pricing strategies, with some becoming sellers and others buyers, all while gaining hands-on experience in real-world commerce.
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  • Success at OSDU Provincial Debate

    Over the weekend, the Junior Maclachlan College delegates showcased their talents at the OSDU Provincial Debate hosted by Havergal College. Impressively, both groups secured victories in three debates each. Their topics ranged from the influence of Disney princesses as role models to advocating for a lower voting age of 16. 

    Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding performance!
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  • Conquering Challenges at Confundrum Escape Rooms

    Our Grade 7 math students went on an exciting adventure of collaboration and critical thinking at Confundrum Escape Rooms in Burlington! 

    Students faced mathematical puzzles and challenges, working together with determination and creativity to conquer each obstacle.
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  • Problem-Solving at Confundrum Escape Rooms

    What an exhilarating afternoon of problem-solving and teamwork for our Grade 8 math students at Confundrum Escape Rooms. With communication, collaboration, and tenacity, each group tackled a series of challenges, putting their math skills to the test in a thrilling escape adventure.
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  • Celebrating Success at the Spring Fulford Debate

    Congratulations are in order for our outstanding MacLachlan College delegates who participated in the Spring Fulford Debate at St. Andrew's College on April 6th.

    Our senior team, comprised of Amanda and Tara, clinched the top spot for our school, with both individuals tying for second place. Aisha represented our school admirably as a swing debater, while first-time debaters Quishea and Matheus garnered high scores and received positive feedback from the judges.

    Observers Corey, Mariam, and Mira left the event brimming with excitement for future competitions. Coaches Dominato and Duranleau share our pride for the team's achievements.

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  • Leafs Crowned Champions of Student-Staff Floor Hockey Season

    A huge congratulations to all the teams that competed in the Student-Staff Floor Hockey season. A special shoutout to our champions, the Leafs, whose determination and teamwork led them to victory! 
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  • Maple Town Adventure

    MacLachlan College ESL students had a fantastic time at Maple Town! Students travelled to Montsberg’s Maple Syrup Festival and had an amazing hands-on experience tapping maple trees, smelled boiling sap, and tasted fresh maple syrup. 
    Along the way, they learned fascinating facts about the history of maple sugaring, immersing themselves in this Canadian tradition.
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  • U12 Floor Hockey Team's Spirited Effort

    Our U12 floor hockey team gave it their all at Fern Hill School's tournament. Though the victory didn't come our way, their hard work, tenacity, and sportsmanship made us incredibly proud!
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  • Grade 3 Adventure at Westfield Heritage Village

    Our Grade 3 students had an amazing time at Westfield Heritage Village! They explored rural community life with a keen focus on environmental awareness, and our students also explored the impact of human activity on the natural world.
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  • Grade 4-6 Students Rock the Ice at Oakville Curling Club!

    Our Grade 4-6 students had a blast at the Oakville Curling Club, where they got firsthand experience in the art of curling.

    A big shoutout to all the students who participated with enthusiasm and sportsmanship! Your willingness to try new things and support one another is truly inspiring. And of course, a huge thank you to the Oakville Curling Club for hosting us and providing such a fantastic learning opportunity.
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  • Securing 2nd Place in PSAA Tournament

    The U14 Floor Hockey team travelled to Fern Hill Oakville yesterday for their PSAA tournament.​ They represented our school exceptionally well making it all the way to the finals and placing 2nd in the tournament.
    Mr. McFarlane and Mr. Piening want to thank all the members of the U14 team for their hard work and progress throughout the season and during the tournament. Congratulations Team.​
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  • National Volunteer Month: Celebrating Community Impact

    by: Rachel O'Hagan

    In honour of National Volunteer Month this April, we're thrilled to announce the upcoming celebration of community impact brought to you by the MacLachlan College Parents Association. Once again, they are setting the stage for an extraordinary event that embodies the spirit of giving and community support. This year's gala at the Harding Waterfront Estate, meticulously organized by our incredible Parents Association, is not just a celebration but a powerful initiative to give back to the community, with all proceeds directed towards the MacLachlan College Educational Foundation.
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  • March

    U10 Floor Hockey Tournament

    Congratulations to our MAC athletes who participated in the U10 Floor Hockey Tournament hosted by Fern Hill School. Our athletes showcased incredible skill, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the competition, making us proud beyond measure.

    A special thanks to the coaches and supporters who have been instrumental in guiding and cheering on our athletes every step of the way.
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  • A Hands-On Learning Experience at Halton Waste Management Site

    Grade 1 classes visited the Halton Waste Management Site to unravel the mystery of what happens to our garbage and recycling once it leaves our homes.

    This hands-on experience isn't just a field trip—by taking their learning straight to the source, our students are not only understanding concepts but also fostering a sense of responsibility towards our environment.
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  • Experiential Learning at Kortright Conservation Centre

    What an incredible day of experiential learning! Both Grade 5 classes travelled to the Kortright Conservation Centre in Woodbridge, immersing themselves in the wonders of nature while participating in the Conservation of Energy workshop. 

    We're thrilled to see our students making meaningful connections between classroom learning and real-world experiences.
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  • PYP Spirit Squad Hosts Egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt

    Our PYP Spirit Squad orchestrated a delightful egg hunt for kindergarteners, fostering teamwork as they solved spring puzzles hidden within eggs.

    A heartfelt thank you to our amazing Spirit Squad for organizing this activity and spreading joy throughout our MAC community! 
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  • Round Square Postcard: Global Conversations

    MAC's Round Square Club recently hosted a "Round Square Postcard," a vibrant 60-minute virtual discussion uniting students from around the world.

    The event was attended by 50 enthusiastic students from 5 different countries and beautifully exemplified the spirit of global citizenship and mutual understanding. It was a testament to the power of dialogue in bridging cultures and building connections.
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  • "Rock, Paper, Scissors Our Way to March Break" Championship

    Congratulations to Marina, our champion of the "Rock, Paper, Scissors Our Way to March Break" game! Throughout the entire week, our Upper School students have been eagerly participating in this thrilling peer-centered competition, exchanging beads and showcasing their strategic skills.

    Yesterday's assembly brought an unexpected twist as Colborne staged a remarkable comeback to claim victory.
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  • Celebrating Audrey Hadfield: A Pioneer in Education for Women's History Month

    As Women's History Month unfolds, it's essential to shine a light on the remarkable women who have paved the way for change and progress in various sectors. One such trailblazer is Audrey Hadfield, the visionary founder of MacLachlan College, whose dedication and innovative approach to education have left an indelible mark on the community of Oakville and beyond.

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  • Congratulations to our Students of the Term

    Your commitment to excellence and your positive contributions to our school community have truly made a difference. Whether it's academic success, leadership skills, creativity, or kindness, each of you has shown remarkable qualities that deserve recognition and applause.
    Congratulations once again on this well-deserved recognition!
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  • MAC Community Shines Bright at Upper School Showcase

    The MAC community came together to witness the incredible journey of our students as they showcased their deep connections to the Round Square IDEALS and beyond. From captivating live debates and mesmerizing performances to the bustling International Room, offering a vibrant celebration of food, culture, and diversity at MAC.

    A heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped make this event a resounding success! From our dedicated teachers and staff to the supportive parents and volunteers, your hard work and commitment were instrumental in bringing the Upper School Showcase to life.
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  • PYP Students Shine Bright on Future-Career Day!

    Today marked the grand finale of We Love Literacy Week in the PYP! Our students brought their dreams to life by dressing up as their future career selves for a fun-filled CD Day. From doctors and singers to police officers and royalty, the classrooms were buzzing with excitement and imagination. 

    Throughout the day, they honed their communication skills through engaging games and activities, preparing themselves for the adventures that lie ahead during March Break.
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  • A Fantastic Start to We Love Literacy Week with Author Rob Justus!

    We Love Literacy Week is off to an amazing start!  Today, our PYP students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 had the pleasure of meeting author and illustrator Rob Justus.

    Our younger students were captivated by his storytelling, while our older PYP students delved into the fascinating world of writing and illustrating. They even got a hands-on tutorial on drawing Mr. Justus's famous character sparkles! 

    But more than just fun and creativity, Mr. Justus shared an important message about persistence and hard work.  He reminded us that reaching our goals takes dedication and determination.
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  • MAC Students and Teachers Join Forces for Healthy Schools Certification!

    We're thrilled to announce that a dedicated team of teachers and students has come together with a common goal: to make MAC a certified Healthy School! Through research and collaboration, we've identified key areas to focus on: healthy eating in the PYP and promoting mental health through physical activity in the US.

    This week, our PYP students are diving into the Great Big Crunch, while two student members are sharing weekly healthy eating tips during morning announcements. We have a ton of exciting initiatives in the works, including lesson plans for teachers, assembly presentations, and even posters for parents with healthy snack ideas.
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  • Celebrating Audrey Hadfield: A Pioneer in Education for Women's History Month

    As Women's History Month unfolds, it's essential to shine a light on the remarkable women who have paved the way for change and progress in various sectors. One such trailblazer is Audrey Hadfield, the visionary founder of MacLachlan College, whose dedication and innovative approach to education have left an indelible mark on the community of Oakville and beyond. 
    From Humble Beginnings to Educational Excellence 
    In 1978, Audrey Hadfield embarked on a bold journey to transform the educational landscape. With just a small space above a storefront on Lakeshore Road in downtown Oakville and eight students, Audrey initiated what was destined to become one of the most exceptional private schools. This modest start was the seed that grew into MacLachlan College, now a flourishing institution with 350 students at its Trafalgar campus, located at 337 Trafalgar Rd. 

    Audrey's vision was clear and revolutionary: "to provide a continuum of highly personalized education as an alternative to the regular school system." She understood that to make a significant impact, it was crucial to acknowledge and respond to the uniqueness of every child. This belief has guided the ethos of MacLachlan College, ensuring that the school not only educates but also transforms lives by catering to the individual needs of its students. 
    A Family Partnership and the Transformation of Education 
    The evolution of MacLachlan College into a family partnership in 1980, with the support of Audrey's husband, Colin, marked a pivotal moment in the school's history. Together, they transformed the "Grand Old Lady of Trafalgar," a historic mansion, into the vibrant educational institution that MacLachlan College is today. This transformation was not just physical but symbolic of the innovative and inclusive educational environment they aimed to create. 
    A Legacy of Innovation and Courage 
    Approaching its 45th year, MacLachlan College stands as a testament to Audrey Hadfield's fearless pursuit of educational excellence. She was a pioneer at a time when women entrepreneurs were few, embodying the spirit of determination and innovation. Audrey's leadership extended beyond the confines of MacLachlan, as she served on the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) board and contributed to the broader community of independent schools, creating pathways for not just MacLachlan but for private education in the area. 

    Her biggest piece of advice — to be fearless in all pursuits — reflects the ethos with which she approached every challenge. Audrey's goal was not just to revolutionize education within her school but to influence the landscape of private education, ensuring that children received the support and opportunities they needed to succeed. 
    Honouring Audrey Hadfield's Legacy 
    As we celebrate Women's History Month, Audrey Hadfield's story is a beacon of inspiration. She has demonstrated that with vision, courage, and relentless pursuit, it is possible to create lasting change. Audrey's legacy is not just in the bricks and mortar of MacLachlan College but in the lives of the students who have walked its halls, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make their mark on the world. 

    Audrey Hadfield's journey from a small storefront to leading one of the most respected private schools is a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have on the educational system and society at large. Her contributions to education and her community set a precedent for what is possible when passion meets purpose, making her a true pioneer to be celebrated during Women's History Month and beyond.
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  • February

    Congratulations Sarah: Triumph at The Royal Canadian Legion Competition

    Join us in congratulating Sarah for her remarkable achievements! She won first prize at The Royal Canadian Legion Bronte Branch competition, followed by another impressive win at the Zone level, and capped it off with a notable second place finish at the District Level.

    Sarah's outstanding performance has earned her three certificates, cash prizes, a distinguished pin, and a coveted medal. 

    For students eager to participate next year, we encourage you to reach out to Mrs. Taylor to explore upcoming opportunities.
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  • Grade 4s Adventure at Oakville Galleries

    Our Grade 4 students had an incredible time at Oakville Galleries during their Experiential Learning Trip.

    Immersed in the world of stop-motion animation, they explored perspective and methods of communication in a hands-on workshop. From crafting their own scenes to bringing them to life on screen, their creativity knew no bounds! 
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  • Spreading Kindness at MAC

    Today, at MacLachlan College, we're proudly wearing pink in solidarity with Pink Shirt Day! 

    Throughout the month, our PYP and US communities have engaged in various kindness initiatives, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and compassion. Let's stand together to promote kindness not only today but every day!
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  • Congratulations David: First Place in Cello Concerto at The Kiwanis Music Festival

    Let's give a big round of applause to David, a talented student from MacLachlan College! He has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the top spot in the cello concerto Grade 10 category at the Kiwanis Music Festival with his exceptional performance.

    Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement, David!
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  • Highlights from Wordfest 2024

    Today was a remarkable morning as our Grade 7-12 students gathered in the Trafalgar Gym for Wordfest! 
    This annual event celebrates cross-disciplinary expressions of engagement in learning through poetry, public speaking, media arts, and performance. Each student showcased their talents and passion, sparking meaningful conversations and reflections on a wide range of powerful topics.
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  • Congratulations Madison: Poetry Contest Success at The Royal Canadian Legion Bronte Branch Ceremony

    MacLachlan College would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Madison!

    Madison recently attended the Royal Canadian Legion Bronte Branch prize-giving ceremony on Sunday, February 25th, where she achieved remarkable success. Madison claimed 1st place in the Poetry contest at the Branch level and an impressive 2nd place at the Zone level.
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  • Congratulations to Tessa: First Place Winner at MSM Competitive Festival!

    Big congratulations to Tessa, a shining star from MacLachlan College, for winning the first-place spot at the Merriam School of Music (MSM) competitive festival in the RCM10/ARCT (classical piano) category.

    We are so proud of you!
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  • PYP Adventure at Camp Wanakita!

    Greetings from YMCA Camp Wanakita! Our students are diving into a world of adventure, learning, and camaraderie amidst the stunning winter landscape of Haliburton.
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  • Caribou Math Contest: Celebrating Student Success

    We are delighted to share the remarkable results from the third Caribou Math Contest, where our students demonstrated their excellence.

    12 students from MacLachlan wrote the Grade 7/8 competition, with Carlo coming in third, Joseph coming in second, and Danoo coming in first at our school. A special shoutout goes to Danoo Kim for achieving FIRST IN THE WORLD out of 10,756 participants!

    6 students wrote at the Grade 9/10 level, with David coming in third, and Abby coming in second at our school. Linda was our first-place finisher at this level, scoring in the top 9% of the 1669 students who wrote worldwide. 

    Congratulations to all students who participated, dedicating their time and effort despite busy schedules and upcoming evaluations. Your hard work and perseverance are truly commendable!
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  • MacLachlan College Excels at Ontario DECA Provincials!

    Congratulations to our MacLachlan delegates for their outstanding performance at the 45th Ontario DECA Provincials this past weekend! From individual series to entrepreneurship, our talented competitors showcased their skills and determination, representing our school with pride.

    Special applause to our provincial champion, Evan Dinniwell! Your hard work and dedication are truly commendable. Your hard work and achievements inspire us all.
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  • Best Wishes to Our DECA Provincials Delegates!

    Wishing the best of luck to our MacLachlan delegates as they embark on the exciting journey of competition at the DECA Provincials!

    With over 6,200 of Ontario's finest gathering in downtown Toronto, the next few days promise to be filled with fierce competition and invaluable professional development opportunities.
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  • Happy Lunar New Year

    Happy Lunar New Year from MacLachlan College! Today, our school is ablaze with vibrant red, symbolizing good luck and prosperity.

    Our MAC community members celebrating the Lunar New Year are generously sharing their traditions and knowledge, fostering a rich atmosphere of cultural exchange and learning. 
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  • MacLachlan College U14 Basketball: 2nd Place Winners

    Congratulations to our U14 Basketball Team for securing 2nd place at the PSAA Tournament hosted by Oakville Christian School!
    Your dedication, hard work, and teamwork have truly paid off. A big shoutout to our phenomenal coaches for their guidance and leadership every step of the way.
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  • Exploring Structures at the Ontario Science Centre

    Our Grade 3 students went on an exciting adventure to the Ontario Science Centre as part of their Structures unit. They delved into a hands-on Structures Workshop, exploring scientific principles and experimenting with compression, tension, and load. 

    From building their own structures using various materials to engaging in interactive learning, it was a day filled with discovery and exploration.
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  • Sock Puppet Adventures in Kindergarten

    Another day of creativity and fun in JK! Our little learners had a great time learning about puppets with the incredible puppeteer Steve.

    Students had the chance to bring their imaginations to life by crafting their very own sock puppet creatures. From colourful characters to wild and wacky designs, our JK students let their creativity soar!
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  • A Hands-On Journey with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada Atlas Map

    Today was a day of discovery for our bright Grade 4 and 5 classes as they delved into the rich tapestry of Canada's Indigenous history. 

    With the guidance of Darin Wybenga from the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations, our students explored a gym-sized floor map that brought the Indigenous Peoples of Canada Atlas to life.

    They embarked on a captivating exploration of the land use history, learning how natural materials were ingeniously employed by early First Nations Peoples. The students were captivated by the Creation story of Turtle Island, immersing themselves in the rich oral traditions passed down through generations.

    The highlight of the day was the hands-on experience of walking on the map, touching Indigenous artifacts, and even feeling the texture of an otter hide. It was a unique opportunity for our students to engage with history tangibly, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the cultural heritage of Indigenous Peoples.

    A heartfelt thank you to Darin Wybenga for sharing his knowledge and creating a memorable and immersive learning experience for our students.
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  • MacLachlan Mariners U12 Basketball Team Clinches Victory with a Flawless 6-0 Record in PSAA Tournament

    Congratulations to the U12 basketball team, who won the U12 PSAA basketball tournament yesterday, going undefeated with a 6–0 record! These young ballers showed off some serious skills, teamwork, and pure grit. Big props to our amazing players for their hustle on the court and their positive attitudes on and off the court.

    Special shoutouts go out to:

    Aaron – our three-point king, for his scoring wizardry
    Alessandro – our ball bandit, for his talents in intercepting the ball from the opponents Mason – our assist master, for his playmaking skills
    Hannan – for dominating the boards with his rebounding skills
    Nihal – for being solid on defense and protecting the team's basket effectively Weichen – for his unwavering defense up and down the court
    Roy – for standing firm on defense and his soft hands under the basket

    Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Granville are so proud of you and all your efforts. Go Mariners Go!
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  • Skating Lessons for Pre-K to 3rd Grade Students!

    Students from pre-kindergarten to third grade are lacing up their skates for an adventure-packed series of skating lessons at Canlan Ice Sports.

    We aim to enhance their physical education by providing hands-on experiences that foster not just skill development but also a love for staying active. The joy on our students' faces as they glide across the ice is truly heartwarming. 

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  • January

    Celebrating Outstanding Math Achievements at MacLachlan College

    In the Caribou Math Contest this January, a total of 71 students from MacLachlan College fearlessly took on the challenge. In the Grade 1 contest, we commend Ally, Andrew, Anyao, Caleb, Evan, Louisa, Lucas, Miles C, Nick, Roni, and Taran for their dedication.

    Moving on to Grade 2, we celebrate a tie for third place between Dylan and Eshaan, with Tegh securing second place. The highlight is Alan, who claimed the top spot globally out of 2,965 participants.

    In the Grade 3/4 contest, Chloe and Lucas tied for third place, while Miranda, Roy, and Willaim tied for second. Owen took the crown in first place globally, landing in the top 7% among 9,237 students.

    Lastly, in the Grade 5/6 contest, Oscar secured third place, Andy took second, and Jeremy soared to first place globally, ranking in the top 1% among 12,323 competitors.

    A heartfelt congratulations to all participants for their exceptional achievements!
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  • MacLachlan College's Upper School Semi-Formal 2024

    What an unforgettable night at MacLachlan College's Upper School Semi-Formal! The Holiday Inn was transformed into a magical space filled with laughter, dance, and incredible memories.

    A heartfelt shoutout to the amazing organizers who worked to create such a spectacular event and to all the students who brought their infectious energy and enthusiasm to the dance floor.
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  • MacLachlan College Debaters Shine at Winter Fulford Debate

    The MacLachlan College Public Speaking and Debating team showcased their exceptional skills at the Winter Fulford Debate hosted by the University of Toronto Schools. In the junior division, Raul secured first place, and Tessa closely followed in second, highlighting their impressive talent and rigorous preparation.

    On the senior side, Aisha and Zoravar contributed to the team's overall success, finishing in an impressive 6th place. Looking forward, Amanda's role as a swing debater signals the team's commitment to preparation for the upcoming challenges at the Spring Fulford.

    Congratulations to the entire MacLachlan College Debating Team for their dedication and success!
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  • Making a Difference at MacLachlan College!

    This week, our incredible students rallied together in support of the "Wee Brave Heart" foundation, a cause close to our hearts. Inspired by the strength and resilience of Joanne Mitchell, who battled a serious form of cancer in 2013, we came together to create care packages for cancer patients undergoing treatment.

    Joanne's journey led her to establish the Wee Brave Heart Foundation, recognizing the need for direct support to individuals in the midst of their cancer treatments. Our students embraced this cause wholeheartedly, packaging up Care Packs filled with essential everyday items that can make a real difference during challenging times.

    To learn more and donate, please visit
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  • Round Square Discovery Day

    Our students embarked on a day filled with purpose and passion, embracing the Round Square IDEALS. Volunteering at Kerr Street Mission's sorting center and crafting heartfelt Valentine cards for seniors showcased their commitment to community engagement.

    In the Leadership Focus Group, engaging discussions ignited fresh visions for Upper School leadership, fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration. Meanwhile, the Mini United Nations session witnessed students tackling global issues with infectious enthusiasm, exemplifying their dedication to addressing pressing world challenges.

    The "Hello, Bonjour!" French introduction and the Games from Around the World added an enjoyable cultural touch, creating an atmosphere of exploration and fun. Inspired by a moving talk from a Wee Braveheart speaker, students came together to pack cancer care packages, leaving a positive impact on those facing challenging times.

    A heartfelt thank you to all participants for contributing to a day brimming with discovery, connection, and meaningful actions. 
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  • Grade 8 French Poutine Café

    Today was a feast of flavors at the Grade 8 French Poutine Café! 

    Students teamed up to craft unique poutine blends, each with a theme, and generously shared free samples with the audience and judges. While everyone presented in French, some students added an extra touch by showcasing their creations in Italian and Spanish.
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