Nicole Holland

Nicole's Story

I have many fond memories from my 12 years at MacLachlan. From student-staff sports, to debating and public speaking, to the Prefect Council, I loved being part of the wider school community. (Oh, and pieing Mr. Piening in the face - that is a pretty great memory too!)

MacLachlan supported my growth beyond academics, as the teachers and staff gave me the confidence to take on challenges and ignited the fire to follow my dreams.

I went to the University of Waterloo and completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Health Studies. I then decided I wanted to be a teacher and completed my teaching degree and Masters degree at the University of Toronto.

If you asked Grade 1 Nicole what she wanted to do, she would have told you she wanted a job where she could rescue all of the dogs but I absolutely love my job educating the brilliant minds of tomorrow.


We know that to prepare future-ready individuals we must share and instill common values throughout the entire school community and permeate all of our activities with a core set of values.

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