Embracing Educational Empowerment: Nurturing Changemakers at MacLachlan College 

By Rachel O'Hagan, Alumni Relations Manager 

Fostering a Culture of Empowerment 
From day one at MacLachlan College, students are welcomed into a community that celebrates their individuality and encourages them to explore their interests fully. Our educators are dedicated to tailoring learning experiences to each student’s strengths, passions, and ambitions. By giving students ownership of their education, we empower them to embrace learning as a lifelong journey. 

Our curriculum goes beyond textbooks and tests. We believe in learning by doing—through projects, community service, and hands-on experiences that develop critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. These are the skills that prepare our students not just for college, but for success in an interconnected world where adaptability and creativity are key. 

At MacLachlan College, we’re more than just a school; we’re a family. Our students are supported by a network that includes teachers who go above and beyond, peers who inspire, parents who are partners in their child’s education, and alumni who continue to give back. This community of support creates a nurturing environment where students feel safe to take risks, explore new ideas, and grow into their best selves. 
Spotlight on Ashleigh Woodward
Ashleigh Woodward’s journey beautifully illustrates the transformative power of an education at MacLachlan College. Her story is a testament to how our nurturing environment fosters individual growth and inspires students to pursue their passions and make a meaningful impact on the world. 
Ashleigh’s path began as a student eager to learn and grow. Her time at MacLachlan College ignited her passion for education and set her on a path to become a teacher. With degrees from Nipissing University and the University of Toronto, she quickly became a leader in our community, driven by a desire to empower the next generation of learners. 

Today, as Assistant Head of the Primary Years Programme, Ashleigh is not just an educator; she’s a mentor and role model. She’s dedicated to helping her students discover their strengths and interests, guiding them to become compassionate leaders who are eager to make a positive impact on their world. 

Ashleigh’s impact extends far beyond the classroom. She’s known for her warmth, dedication, and ability to inspire both students and colleagues. Her commitment to nurturing growth and fostering a sense of purpose is evident in everything she does, making her a cherished member of our community. 
Ashleigh’s journey from a nurtured student to a nurturing educator is a powerful example of how MacLachlan College’s supportive environment can cultivate changemakers. By encouraging students to embrace challenges, experiment with new ideas, learn from their experiences, and continuously grow, we prepare them for a future where they can lead with passion and integrity. 

Celebrating Our Legacy and Looking Forward 
At MacLachlan College, we’re proud to empower our students to become changemakers. Through a nurturing environment that values curiosity, innovation, and empathy, we prepare them to lead with passion and integrity. As we celebrate the achievements of Ashleigh Woodward and all our alumni, we remain committed to our mission of fostering lifelong learners who are ready to make a positive difference in the world. 

Ashleigh’s story is a daily reminder of the profound influence that a nurturing educational environment can have and the remarkable change it can inspire in the world. Through our collective efforts, we continue to uphold the legacy of MacLachlan College, inspiring future generations to embrace their potential and make meaningful contributions to society. 

By embracing the cycle of challenge, experimentation, learning, and growth, MacLachlan College prepares students not only for academic success but also for a lifetime of resilience, innovation, and personal fulfillment. We are committed to nurturing a learning environment where every student can thrive and become a changemaker in their own right.  


We know that to prepare future-ready individuals we must share and instill common values throughout the entire school community and permeate all of our activities with a core set of values.

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