Green Thumbs: The Grade 3s Investigate the Importance of Soil

Yesterday the Primary and Junior Divisions went on an awesome trip to Mountsburg! The Grade 3 program was called "Green Thumbs" and we learned all about soil and how humans and animals could not live without it. The best part was digging in the soil in the forest so we could find out what soil is made of, getting all muddy and then rolling in the snow to get the mud off. We also learned that the horse poop we saw, leaves, twigs and rocks will all turn into soil with the help of the sun, water and worms. In the afternoon we got to feed the chickadees in the forest out of our hands and from our heads when we stood very still and kept quiet. We learned about emerald ash borers and saw some trees that had to be cut down because of them and we counted rings on logs to find out how old the trees were. Our guide showed us how we could tell the difference between some trees by looking at their branches and we learned about a black fungus on a tree in the woods. It was an awesome trip and we hope to go back again next year!
    By Irelyn and Viliya
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