U12 Floor Hockey Tournament

After many, many early morning practices the U12 floor hockey team was ready for their tournament this Tuesday. They were in a tough division, but put their skills to work early on. Despite coming away without a win in their first match, spirits remained high and the students took action to some changes to their positions and lines. Noeru put on the goalie gear, and changes to the lines saw more passing and shots on net.
Dynamic defender duos of Alessandro and Aaron or Kimi and Percy took away scoring opportunities, and the puck was often sent shooting up the sides. Annie was often seen rushing to the net, and the give and go from Lucas and James was level 4, often resulting in a high degree of success! Thomas and Royale were seen powering the puck through opposing defenders and creating scoring opportunities for themselves. A couple of games and a decisive victory in our 3rd match with a 7-0 score meant we clinched a playoff spot (and a shutout for Noeru!), and the coaches were glad that game was the first of our two back-to-back. Regrettably, even the scoring powers of Lucas, James, Thomas and Royale was not enough to generate a win against the Eagles in our playoff match, the team who later won the championship.
Mrs. Park and Ms. Woodward are very proud of the U12 team, they showed sportsmanship, fair play and a wonderful sense of teamwork. Skills improved over the tournament, and their efforts out on the court was exemplary. Their coaches hope this will be the end of their Mariners team chat, but not the continued hard work and athleticism that our U12 team is known for. Congrats, Mariners!


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