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MacLachlan College is more than a school. It is a dynamic and inclusive community where teachers guide and facilitate learning by creating real world connections and a growth mindset is nurtured in every student. The rigorous academic program is supported by our active and collaborative learning environment, resulting in successful and resilient students who are well prepared for future success in today’s ever-changing world.

MacLachlan’s ongoing commitment to innovative and challenging educational experiences allows for the rapid integration of new technologies and emerging active learning resources to enhance student exploration, creativity, and knowledge.

By combining traditional methods of instruction with a living systems approach, classrooms have been transformed into creative hubs where students fully participate and engage not only in their coursework but with their peers, deepening their intellectual inquiry and critical thinking abilities. These adaptive and dynamic learning environments enable students and teachers to collaborate, innovate and connect existing knowledge to new thinking.

Academic Program
At all grade levels, the MacLachlan College curriculum meets all of the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines and surpasses them through the enrichment of signature programs, activities and initiatives.

Lower School – IB PYP 
MacLachlan is an accredited International Baccalaureate World School, offering the highly-acclaimed Primary Years Programme from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6. The IB program combines the best research and practice from a range of systems adopted and adapted from around the world to create a relevant, engaging, and global educational framework for all children. In an increasingly globalized world, MacLachlan’s lower school program encourages a high level of student engagement while challenging students to think critically, research deeply and develop comprehensively minded perspectives on a broad range of issues.
Our IB teachers are specially trained and a culture of inquiry-based learning is established in the classroom. Teachers recognize students’ preconceptions and allow them to discover the true facts. These methods teach students how to think, apply to, and interact with the world they live in. Inquiry learning develops superior higher order thinking skills. IB learners are encouraged to be: inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective. Students in Grades 5 and 6 are offered leadership opportunities by becoming Junior Ambassadors as they get ready for the transition to the Intermediate School.

Intermediate and Upper School
While eager to embrace the teen years, MacLachlan’s intermediate division recognizes the need for Grade 7 and 8 students to learn how to manage increasing academic demands and higher expectations for independence, responsibility and accountability. Intermediate students are introduced to various, age appropriate, aspects of the Upper School and are engaged in leadership opportunities such as Junior Prefects. Intermediate students are provided with the necessary information technology, research, writing, presentation and study skills required for high school and beyond. 
Beginning in Grade 7, students transition from the IB Primary Years Programme to an intermediate level rotary schedule. The rigorous and enhanced academic program in Grades 7 through 12 continues with the collaborative and inquiry-based approach of the IB philosophy. In addition to leadership opportunities, character development, and community service, Advanced Placement courses are offered in Grades 11 and 12 to further challenge and prepare students for university life. A highly academic school, students are given the opportunity, tools, and supports needed to meet their goals and often exceed them.
Every student in Grade 7 through 12 is assigned an academic advisor to provide another level of support and counsel as students transition through this stage of learning and growth. MacLachlan graduates go on to high ranking post-secondary institutions to study engineering, science, math, accounting, the arts, political science, business, life sciences, fine arts, international languages and more. For further information, please view our grad profile
Teachers as Collaborators
Every day, teachers deliver programs that stimulate the excitement to learn, that investigate each child’s needs and potential, their interests and talents, and that nurtures their growth.
Our methods are centered on each student, each experience, and each success. Our commitment to innovation allows for the rapid integration of new technologies, backed by solid research, that support our teachers and their efforts to engage students, and to spark their curiosity. Our students are taught to connect what they learn in the classroom to their world, and to the world beyond: Their learning doesn’t stop when they leave our halls.
Where you belong 
MacLachlan College is a place where you belong. Small by design, MacLachlan is a place where belonging comes with the freedom to step outside comfort zones and try new things. Our dedicated teachers are committed to enabling children to grow into resilient, thoughtful and confident young adults, well prepared for future success in today’s constantly changing world. Our students support each other in and out of the classroom. Older students act as mentors to our younger students, positive role models are abundant and the engagement of students throughout all grade levels demonstrates the depth of learning and active participation in our academic, athletic and co-curricular programs
Your child will feel the difference the first time they walk onto our campus. We will all feel pride as they, each in their own way, go on to change the world.
Integrated Technology 
MacLachlan recognizes the importance of technology, and the benefits it affords 21st-Century learners. As an active learning school, we incorporate the use of technologies such as the SMARTboard into most of our lessons at all grade levels.
Our classrooms accommodate wireless computers and iPads in order to facilitate different learning styles and create a dynamic learning environment. In addition, MacLachlan offers a Robotics program that allows students to develop and enhance their design and programming techniques integrating their knowledge in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology to create a robot.
Active Learning Classrooms
By combining traditional methods of instruction with a living systems approach, classrooms have been transformed into creative hubs where students fully participate and engage not only in their coursework but with their peers, deepening their intellectual inquiry and critical thinking abilities. These adaptive and dynamic learning environments enable our students and teachers to collaborate, innovate and connect existing knowledge to new thinking.
In 2015, MacLachlan invested in innovative desks, chairs and other furnishings to transform classrooms and enhance the way learning happens in the classroom. Although advanced technology was integrated into learning to engage today’s social learners, the physical structure of the traditional classroom was restrictive. For more information regarding active learning, please visit:
Everest Centre
The Everest Centre is a learning resource area that complements and enhances the MacLachlan curriculum and offers a wide-range of support to our students. Always staff supervised, students often use this space as a quiet study hub. The Everest program can be tailored to each individual students’ needs, and can be used as a tutoring resource, or a resource for enriched program options.  The Everest program also works in combination with the Elite Athlete program to help students maintain and succeed in their academics while still managing their practice, tournament and travel requirements.  For further information on the Everest Centre, please visit
Extracurricular Activities and Clubs 
In addition to teaching skills geared toward today’s dynamic learner, MacLachlan provides a wide-range of programs, activities, clubs and after school programs to further their learning, skills, and abilities. This includes outdoor education experiences through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program; local, national and global travel and service trips; sports; clubs including robotics, debating, public speaking and DECA; and leadership opportunities as prefects, ambassadors and house leaders. For more information on the wide range of programs, activities and clubs offered, please visit

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Oakville's only IB World School, proudly offering the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. 
STARTING WELL. FINISHING STRONG. Welcome to MacLachlan College. We are an independent private university preparatory school from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 located in Oakville, Ontario Canada.